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Cllr Wayne Naylor: Unite to Build a New Left Party

Reproduced from a letter to Socialist Worker from Leicester anti-cuts councillor Wayne Naylor:

I agree with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that there needs to be a new “left of Labour” Party. It should be born from the original principles of the Labour Party that it has moved away from.

Working class people need support, not wealthy millionaires. Real people make this country work—they are the biggest asset it has.

Yet current politics barely takes note of them, never mind supports them.

As a former Labour Party member, I am disgusted at how very far removed the party has become in a very short space of time from real people.

People who voted for Labour at the last election now feel betrayed.

Many people in Leicester are sick and tired of what Labour has done in the city.

They say they’ll never vote for the party again.

It was difficult initially to make the change as I had been a Labour supporter most of my life. From the age of ten I had posted leaflets supporting Labour councillors and MPs.

Now I want to see something new. I believe the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) creates an opportunity to restart the socialist movement.

I hope all socialist and left groups will unite under TUSC and build a new party for the people by the people.Hardworking people deserve better—real people will fight for better!

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