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SWP Branch Meeting – Podemos – What’s so different about Spain?

This Wednesday 10 December, 7pm at the Adult Education Centre on Wellington Street, Leicester SWP will be hosting a meeting about Podemos – a new left coalition in Spain which is now polling around 27% of the vote. Leading Podemos activist Jesus Castillo will be joining us from Spain via Skype.

Podemos, a new left-wing party, is making big waves in Spain. With its name meaning “yes we can”, it claimed fourth place in the European elections with well over a million votes. This is remarkable considering it was formed just four months ago.

Podemos calls for a basic minimum income for all citizens to reduce poverty and it also calls for clamping down on tax avoiders. And, it rejects the agreements with the EU that mean devastating cuts to pay back the bankers’ debts.

The new Podemos MEPs have also pledged to take home a salary no higher than three times the minimum wage. This sets Podemos apart from the Spanish Tory PP that’s pushing the cuts through, as well as the Labour-type PSOE that had previously changed the constitution to limit public spending.

Jesus will be speaking about his experiences there and we will be discussing how we can emulate their success in Britain. The massive Palestine demonstrations over the summer along with the Scottish Independence campaign, which shook the establishment, show that a mood exists for a united left alternative to Austerity over here.

This meeting will be essential for anyone who is serious about building that alternative.

Come along and join the debate!

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