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Leicester students plan march for free education

From Leicester march for free education Facebook page

People and activists across Leicester will be coming together to march for free education on Saturday the 31st of January. The fight for free education is an important part of the struggle against austerity, so whether you’re fed up with low wages, extortionate rents, or crippling debt join the march to make your voice heard.

Our demands are as follows:

✔ The scrapping of tuition fees

✔ The re-installation of EMA

✔ An end to corporate influence over university education

✔ Reducing university bosses salaries – money which would be better spent on staff and student resources

✔ Stop AND reverse the ongoing privatisation of schools at all levels


Profit has no place in education. Whether you are a teacher, a student, or just concerned about the future of education… Form a group at your school or university and join the march!

The government is intent on making ordinary people like us shoulder the burden of the economic crisis. It is time that we stand up against them and call for an end to the marketisation of education!

We’ll be meeting on Saturday 31 January, 12 noon at Victoria Park car park with the aim to start the march at 12:15 and arrive at the clock tower in the city center by 13:00

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This entry was posted on Jan 11, 2015 by in capitalism, Demonstration, Education, Privatisation, Socialism, Students.

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