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Resisting the far-right and fascists in Europe

Front National in France, AFD in Germany, Jobbik in Hungary, Freedom Party in Austria and Golden Dawn in Greece. Fascists and racists are on the march across Europe. In Britain we are witnessing a re-alignment of the far-right with the emergence of the Football Lads Alliance. But what is Fascism? why was it able to succeed in Germany in the 1930’s and how can we stop it today?

Saturday 7 April, 1.30pm, The Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland St (opposite the Curve Theatre), Leicester LE1 1RD.

Come along to our meeting to discuss these issues. Speaker to be announced. Join the Facebook event here

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This entry was posted on Mar 20, 2018 by in Anti-racism, Europe, Meetings, Refugees, Socialism.

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