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Corbyn and the Fight for Socialism

Jeremy Corbyn’s spectacular election as leader of the Labour party gives all those wanting a fairer society hope and inspiration. It also raises questions – Can we bring about Socialism through parliament? How can we ensure Corbyn pushes through his radical policies? What will the ruling class do to stop him? What is the nature of the Labour Party? Should Socialists vote Labour?

Because of Corbyn’s rise to the top of the Labour Party, Socialist ideas have now become mainstream. How can we build on this to deliver a final blow to the Tories and their vicious austerity measures?

Meeting is on Saturday 24 February, 2pm @ The Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland Street (opposite The Curve), Leicester, LE1 1RD

SPEAKER: Mark Thomas (Central Committee, Socialist Workers Party)

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This entry was posted on Feb 11, 2018 by in Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, Meetings, Reformism, Revolution, Socialism.

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