Leicester Socialist Workers Party

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Leicester SWP Meeting FORTRESS EUROPE: Refugees, Racism and the State

Wednesday 30 March, 7pm
LGBT Centre, Wellington Street, Leicester

Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) will be put to a vote in a referendum on the 23 June. The leading figures on either side of the debate are unappetising in the extreme.

On one side stands David Cameron and the bulk of big business, on the other Nigel Farage and the Tory Eurosceptics. Both sides are steeped in racism and both sides present arguments focusing on the interests of British capitalism.

The left has strong reasons of its own for opposing the EU, in particular the EU’s commitment to neoliberalism and its construction of a “fortress Europe” barring the entry of migrants. For socialists the challenge is to build an anti-racist and internationalist case for exit, independent of our rulers.

At this meeting we will be debating the left-wing case for EU exit, the continued drive towards ‘fortress Europe’ and the disgraceful treatment of people fleeing war and persecution.

For those using Facebook, please sign up to the meeting event here.

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