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Stand Up To Ukip – Demonstrate outside UKIP conference – 27 Sept

Stand Up To UKIP have called a demonstration outside UKIP’s national conference in Doncaster on Saturday 27 Sept.

Part of the Establishment

Ukip claims to be on the side of ordinary people against the establishment.

In fact its leader, Nigel Farage, is as establishment as they come. A son of a stockbroker in the City of London, Farage was educated at public school and went on to be a commodities broker.

He has strong links with bosses and millionaires who can see that, for all the rhetoric, Ukip stands firmly on the side of the rich. It backs privatisation of public services such as the NHS, lower taxes for bosses and wants to see more cuts than the Tories.nigel-farage-2961959

He called for a statue of the hated Margaret Thatcher to be built outside parliament after her death in 2013 – Thatcher laid waste to mining communities up and down the country.

Just this week, Farage boasted of having had “a good chat” with hated News International boss Rupert Murdoch.

Links to Euro-Fascists

UKIP happily stands shoulder to shoulder with Fascists in the European Parliament. He set up the ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy group’ which includes Euro-Fascists such as the Northern League and the Swedish Democrats.

UKIP wants to whip up panic about immigration. It hopes that ordinary people will blame migrants for poverty, unemployment and poor services. It wants to deflect attention from the real culprits—the Tories and the bosses.

Anti-Working Class

Working class people will suffer under UKIP who want to scrap workplace rights, including paid holiday, maternity leave and sick pay. UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom made it clear that UKIP also expect mass redundancies in the public sector to revitalise the economy: “They are public sector jobs, so they are taking money out of the economy and wealth creation. I hope hundreds, thousands of jobs will be lost…you will never understand UKIP until you understand this point. Public spending takes money out of the economy, it doesn’t put it in.”

All this is happening in the context of far-right and Fascist parties making gains throughout Europe – there is no room for complacency. That’s why the demonstration on 27 September is so important – it can act as a lightning rod to all those who oppose UKIP’s anti-working class and racist policies.

Transport to the demonstration in Doncaster is available and will leave from Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate (opposite Sainsburys) at 9.30am on the day. Call Dave on 07504 299373 or contact us to book a seat. Tickets are £5 waged or £2.50 concessions.

Download a template leaflet for your local area here.
Download a model motion for your trade union branch.
Message us here to order glossy leaflets, posters and stickers.

Click here for local transport details



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