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Public Meeting – Is the Future Green? Socialism and the Environment

The SWP’s Martin Empson, author of “Land and Labour, Marxism, Ecology and Human History“, treasurer of the Campaign Against Climate Change’s Trade Union group and one of the initiators of the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, will be speaking at a public meeting entitled ‘Is the future Green – Socialism and the environment’, hosted by the SWP this Wednesday, 6th August.

‘Fracking’, used to extract Shale gas, is now becoming a big issue nationally and internationally with multinationals queuing up for lucrative government contracts, regardless of the risks to our environment. The drive for profit takes priority over the use of less profitable, more sustainable sources of energy.

At this meeting we will be discussing the relationships between Capitalism and our natural environment and the dangers posed from it, and how we can fight back. The meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 6th August at Mirch Masala on Market Street.

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This entry was posted on Aug 4, 2014 by in capitalism, ecology, environmentalism, fracking, marxism, Socialism.

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