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Activists call for action in fight against NHS privatisation

Nearly 100 hundred people attended the Campaign Against NHS Privatisation (CANP) public meeting on Saturday 14th June in Leicester. In the packed meeting we heard Louise Irvine describe the current state of our NHS under the Tory-Liberal Coalition.

Louise also talked about a very worrying development which will affect us all. This is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This agreement holds to ransom any government which breaks the agreement on putting out to tender public assets, such as the NHS, to private business.

The TTIP is especially favourable to American business which has been trying to penetrate into European markets and is keen to open up the public sectors across Europe.

In the meeting we heard about the activities of Leicestershire CANP. They have organised street protests and have a strong focus on producing useful information about how the NHS is functioning under privatisation.

CANP acts like a pressure group on the various NHS committees to make sure local people are not subject to detrimental changes in local NHS services due to the impact of the government’s new Health and Social Care Bill.

Most speakers from the floor argued that CANP are doing a good job but that more action is required. There needs to be a political solution to the crisis in the public sector because the attacks are coming from government and are backed by big business who wish to open up the public sector for profit making.

Companies like COMPASS, INTERSERV and CAPITA are powerful multinationals that require workers to fight back. The current dispute by Doncaster Care Workers shows us how ordinary workers, who rely on public services, should fight back against these parasites. We’ve seen that where workers put up a determined fight, they can win.

Lastly there was a call to join up the different struggles against austerity. The Chairperson of Leicestershire Fire Brigade Union argued for more unity and days of action that joined up the different struggles.

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