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Demonstrate against the cuts this Wednesday

Leicester trade unionists have called for a demonstration outside the Town Hall against cuts to our services this Wednesday, 26 February, 4-5pm in the Town Hall Square.

The coalition government has imposed massive spending cuts on local councils. These cuts will have a long-term impact. The public will suffer as services go.

The elderly, people with disabilities or children in poverty, rely on public spending – and are hardest hit by cuts.

A Trades Union Council spokesperson said:

“This is the tip of the iceberg, these attacks are on all ordinary people and hit hardest the most vulnerable and weakest sections of our community. I urge all who can to attend the lobby – bring flags, banners and people, we must put pressure on our elected councillors to resist these stinging cuts – with planned cuts totalling £145 million by 2017/18 we have no other choice but to fight back”.

We should take inspiration from the recent dispute at Gateway College where striking teachers won all their demands from a bullying boss

Lets make Wednesdays demonstration as big and loud as possible – send a message to the Labour council that they should be fighting Tory cuts, not helping implement them

You can download a leaflet here.

See you on Wednesday!

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