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Sussex Students Occupy!

Students have occupied the Arts A1 lecture theatre at Sussex University in support of the HE strikes tomorrow.

UCU, Unison and Unite are set to strike tomorrow over pay and students around the country have been expressing solidarity through photo campaigns, leafleting and organising for the picket lines. This occupation is part of a growing feeling of solidarity among students and staff on campuses.

Sussex students occupied large sections of their campus in the last academic year over the proposed privatisation of services and teaching at the university. This protest attracted major public support from the national press, campaigns and organisations. It also led to a further occupation in Warwick University and campaigns against privatisation on campuses across the country.


Send a message of support

The occupation is in its very early stages and needs support and solidarity messages. Please post messages on the Occupy Sussex Facebook page:
Occupy Sussex Facebook page

Share the Facebook page

This Facebook page can be used to link students and staff during the build up to the strike. Share it with facebook contacts and any pages or groups you are in:
Support Staff On Strike

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