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Brewery Workers Prepare To Strike Back

Brewery workers at the multinational Molson Coors in Burton-on-Trent voted for strike action at a 400-strong meeting last Thursday after being told that 184 technicians would have their pay slashed by £9,000.

The pay cuts will also affect 41 additional workers at the brewery.

Bosses also plan to take away workers’ 2 year buy out whereby any reductions in their pay would require 2 years notice.

The meeting last Thursday passed a resolution stating “We instruct Unite to make preparations for an official ballot for strike action, we expect to be announcing dates before the 90th day consultation period ends”

Employers have also proposed radical new shifts which will mean that workers will be on call with 23 hours notice for 335 days in the year, with no additional pay.

Unite regional organiser Rick Coyle said:

“If Molson Coors impose this proposal on the 90th day we will have all 455 workers on our picket line”

Over 70 workers attended another meeting to discuss the proposals on Monday evening (25 March).

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